These postcards were created for a coaching company which trains people to improve their communication skills. 
Each postcard focuses on a particular skill which is helpful when making presentations. 
They are handed out at coaching sessions and act as reminders to help people practise the skills they have learned during the sessions. They're also useful for making notes on the reverse and carry the company contact details too.

This postcard is about body language when giving a presentation. It reminds the person to be aware of their posture and actions when presenting. To add a sense of humour and also exaggerate the meaning of each 'Figure' I made it a Victorian textbook, including some spoof Victorian era ideas about what each gesture could mean...

This postcard acts as a reminder to breathe when giving a presentation. Breathing properly will act like a lifebouy when you're struggling in front of a crowd. I wanted to give each postcard its own style and this subject lent itself to a brightly coloured seaside postcard.

This postcard reminds the speaker to 'Watch Your Speed' - too fast and you'll lose your audience ('Utter Babble') - too slow and they'll lose interest ('Are You There?'). For this postcard I chose an 80s style car dashboard with an oversized speedometer. 

Ever felt like you've been 'talking to brick wall'?!

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